What is a School Counselor?

School counselors are master’s level practitioners who help students by removing barriers to academic achievement, supporting social/emotional development, and guiding college and career readiness. School counselors use the following tools to help students: small-group counseling,individual counseling, and school counseling core curriculum lessons. School counselors can provide a number of services such as:

  • student academic planning

  • counseling with frequently absent students

  • assisting students in exploring future careers

  • counseling students with academic  or social concerns

  • designing and conducting school counseling core curriculum lessons

  • consulting with teachers about classroom management

  • helping school principals identify and address student needs

  • counseling students in crisis

  • leading small counseling groups with students with shared concerns

  • advocating for students 

  • analyzing school wide data to understand student needs

  • Organizing state testing

  • working with parents to help them best support their child. 

  • providing outside referalls when necessary


Everything discussed in the counseling office remains confidential. However, there are three exceptions in which we will have to involve outside resources: if a child is harming themselves, if someone is harming them, or if they are harming someone else. 



Classroom Guidance


Small Groups 

Individual Counseling

The counselors go into each classroom bi-weekly to discuss different skills and ideas that address academic, personal/social, and career needs with the students. 

Rainbows is a grief and loss group that is run every year. This group addreses grief and divorce. Anyone who has experienced a loss is welcome to join. It gives students an outlet to discuss these things with their peers that have experienced similar losses. 

Various small groups will be run throughout the year based on need. Some examples may include a social skills group, an organizaition or study group, an anxiety group etc. 

Students can also meet with the counselor on an individual basis. They can meet with one of us at any time to discuss different issues and concerns such as: behavior, anxiety, peer issues, or family concerns. If the counseling is ongoing, parent permission will be required. 


Counselor Phone Number: (901) 259-3247

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

4841 Park Avenue Memphis, TN 38117